November DBS Featured Event


Dynasty Building Solutions wants to give thanks for our wonderful customers by giving a $250 Dynasty Bucks discount on any roofing replacement installed in the Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, and Holiday metros.  (Insurance claims coverage excluded.)

To qualify, just drop off or mail in an item of food or a children's toy to any of the following  Dynasty Building Solutions locations before December 12, 2021.  Donations will benefit the Idlewild Baptist Church Holiday Food and Toy Drives.

Happy Holidays!

Service drop-off or mail-in addresses:

Tampa Dropoff Location:

3914 Hwy 301 N. Suite 200

Tampa, FL  33169

Orlando Dropoff Location:

1800 Pembrook Drive Suite 300

Orlando, FL  32810

Sarasota Dropoff Location:

7614 15th Street East 

Sarasota, FL  34243


Here's a Holiday Bonus DID YOU KNOW


 People Who Rely on Food Banks Rarely Voice Their Wants & Needs - One Caring Soul Ventured To Ask

(My Facebook newsfeed is always full of caring, helpful information, and advice from family and friends.  The following was one of the most enlightening posts to date.)

In all the years I have donated food at the holidays, I bought what I thought needy people wanted, but I have never asked them.  So, I recently spent some time at a Food Bank, speaking to the people getting food.  Here is what I learned from those in need:

  • ​Everyone donates Kraft Mac & Cheese in the box but they can rarely use it because you must add milk and butter which is hard to get from regular food banks.

  • Boxed milk is a treasure, as kids need it for cereal which they also get a lot of.

  • Everyone donates pasta sauce and spaghetti noodles.

  • They cannot eat all of the awesome canned veggies and soup unless you also provide a can opener or buy cans with pop tops.

  • Oil (olive, vegetable, etc.) is a luxury and is needed for Rice-A-Roni which they also get a lot of.

  • Spices - especially salt and pepper would be a real Christmas gift.

  • Teabags and coffee really make them feel like someone cares.

  • Sugar and flour are treats.

  • They fawn over fresh produce donated by farmers and grocery stores.

  • Seeds are cool in the planting seasons because many know how to grow fruits and veggies from seed - especially here in Florida.

  • Tuna and crackers make a good lunch.

  • Hamburger helper goes nowhere without ground beef. (They rarely get fresh meat.)

  • They get lots of peanut butter and jelly but rarely sandwich bread.

  • Butter or margarine is nice too.

  • Eggs are a commodity.

  • Cake mix and frosting make it possible to make a child's birthday cake.

  • Dishwashing detergent is very expensive and always appreciated.

  • Everyone loves Stove Top Stuffing.

If you have decided to donate to our food drive and/or a food bank this holiday season but were not sure about what to donate...NOW YOU KNOW!

Please note: DBS is only collecting non-perishables for our food drive.

Let's share the wonderful bounty we've been blessed with.

Thanks so much for helping people in need this holiday season!

November DBS Featured Event

"Tis the Season for Gratitude & Giving"


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