Solar PV Tiles

What if there was a home improvement that could pay for itself in about three years and then go on to continue saving you money as long as you lived in your home? Would you want to make that investment? Of course you would!

Installing solar photovoltaic shingles pays you back in a couple of ways, including significantly lower energy bills and increased home value.

You might be wondering if the cost will be a hindrance.

That may have been a concern 20 years ago, but the price of solar PV tile installation has dropped nearly 70%. Most homeowners were priced out of this option a couple of decades ago, but now it’s a budget-friendly choice made even more affordable by Dynasty Building Solutions’ attractive financing.

What Are PV Solar Tiles?

Some homeowners are hesitant about installing solar panels because they don’t want to compromise the style of their home’s exterior. With PV solar tiles, you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and solar power.

Here’s why:

Traditional solar panels sat on the top of the roof and changed the look of the home. Today’s low-profile solar panels are more aesthetically pleasing, but solar roof tiles are an even better option. They mimic the look of typical roofing materials, so they blend seamlessly with the other design features of your home while still delivering the solar power you need.

It’s a win-win, and it’s one that Dynasty Building Solutions is proud to offer our customers. In addition to premium solar shingles from top brands like Tesla, we also provide:

  • Free Consultations
  • Competitive Prices and Attractive Financing
  • Custom-Designed Systems
  • Fast, Expert Installation
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

Learn More About Residential Solar Energy Systems

Today is the day to start saving and to lower your carbon footprint by converting your Central Florida home to clean, renewable solar power. Dynasty Building Solutions has helped thousands of Central Florida homeowners enjoy the benefits of custom solar solutions, and we’ll do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free consultation with a solar specialist.