Florida is known for its incredibly hot and humid climate. We, here in Orlando, Fl, are definitely no stranger to its scorching summers. While some of us may enjoy the summertime and the heat that comes along with it, our home’s roofing systems definitely take a beating during these warmer months.

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How Orlando’s Heat can Affect your Roof

Extreme Heat

Long exposure to extreme heat can be damaging to just about everything, your roof included. This exposure can dry out any natural or artificial oils found in your roofing materials, causing it to flake, crack, and break. This drying is especially prevalent in roofs that lack a roof coating and particularly older roofs. What’s important to note is that this drying and disintegration process doesn’t occur in one day. It happens over a long period of time with prolonged exposure to extreme heat conditions. This is why it is important to regularly inspect and maintain your roof.

UV Rays

Sometimes we underestimate the potential damage that cloudy days hold. We assume that because we cannot see the sun that we are protected from its harmful rays, when in actual fact its UV rays are intensified in this environment. These harmful UV Rays can bleach your roof thus weakening and breaking it down. This is why things like roof coating are particularly important as they create a protective barrier between your roof and the sun.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs when your roof is exposed to high temperatures during the day and drops to really cold temperatures at night. This change in heat causes materials to rapidly expand and contract which can weaken and damage the structural integrity of your roof. This is a common occurrence for people with metal roofing systems. The rapid expansion and contraction of metal roofs may lead to the warping of your roof.

High Humidity

In regions with high humidity, high volumes of condensation in homes are common. This condensation can cause structural damage to the roof of your home. Water gathers beneath things like roofing tiles, wooden shakes, and asphalt shingles, weakening it, and even causing roof leaks. An important element to combat high humidity in your home is to have a properly ventilated attic.

Has the Heat Damaged Your Roof?

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