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The city of Tampa should be on everyone's travel list when adventuring across the US. We are renowned for our beautiful Gulf Coast, thrill-chasing theme parks, vibrant culture and nightlife. The warm weather makes Tampa an excellent vacation spot for the whole family but there's more to our beautiful city than meets the eye. We break down some Fun Facts about Tampa, FL.

Sticks of Fire

The name of the city means 'Sticks of Fire' in Calusa, the language of the Calusa Native American tribe that first resided in the area hundreds of years ago. It is believed that the city may have earned its name due to the vast amount of lightning strikes that the city experiences during the summer months

Cigar City

Tampa was once a leading exporter of Cuban cigars. Ybor City, a historic and predominantly Latin American neighborhood, was once home to hundreds of cigar factories. It is believed that these factories produced more than 500 million Cuban cigars.

Home Run

Tampa is the city where Babe Ruth hit his longest home run, about 587 feet.

100 Degrees

While Tampa is known for its hot and humid weather, the temperature in Tampa has actually never reached 100 degrees. It's hot in here...but not that hot.

Carol Baskin!

For those of you who are major fans of the Netflix mini-documentary Tiger King, you'll be pleased to know that Tampa is home to Big Cat Rescue, owned by the 'now-famous' cat rescuer Carol Baskin.

Flying High

Tampa holds a flight history record by being the home to the first scheduled commercial flight in 1914. The flight took off from St. Petersburg and landed in Tampa.

Tampa Bay

While incredibly beautiful, Tampa Bay is quite shallow. Florida's largest estuary is only 12-feet deep.

Famous Authors

Tampa is home to some of the world's most famous poets and authors, namely poet Jack Kerouac and thriller author Stephen King.

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