When your home has succumbed to storm damage, the primary concern is to identify the damage and repair as soon as possible. Of course, homeowners will be anxious to avoid any further damage (and costs!) on top of the existing damage. Roof tarping is a tremendous help in this regard.

Tarping is a measure to prevent secondary damage while inspection and repairs on your roof are taking place. It involves shielding the roof surfaces with tarpaulin, which is a large, strong, flexible and water-resistant material. While it is a temporary measure, it does require the skills of a professional Sarasota roofing contractor.


When will you need tarping services?

Storm Damage

The impact of storm damage can have various consequences on the home. From strong winds to heavy downpours and hail, there’s no telling what kind of destruction your roof could suffer. In the event that damage occurs, the homeowners’ number one priority is to get repairs done as soon as possible. Tarping facilitates this process by preventing any further damage to an already compromised roof.


Fire Damage

In instances where a home’s roof is affected by fire damage, the repair work will involve quite extensive repair work or even a full roof replacement. Even if the homeowner acts with urgency, this does take time to complete, necessitating the use of tarping services. Lasting up to 90 days, it is the perfect defense against the external elements while roofing repairs are completed.



If the cause of flooding in the home is a direct result of a problematic roof, and the damage is too hard to contain, then your home may be in need of tarping. It will reduce the leakages quickly, allowing for some of the flooding to abate, while also making it easier to complete the roofing repair job.


Let Dynasty Building Solutions Help

As with any roofing emergency, time is always of the essence. Dynasty Building Solution's years of experience alleviating roof storm damage, including fast and efficient tarping services. Being Sarasota locals, we’re well-acquainted with these weather conditions and what they require from roofing service providers. You can rest assured that your roof is in capable hands.

If you’ve experienced roof damage and are in need of tarping services in Sarasota, speak to Dynasty Building Solutions today!