Attic insulation is a vital part of homes as they regulate the temperature inside your home. It keeps your home cool during the sweltering summer months and warm during the colder seasons. When your insulation is faulty, you're bound to notice a significant increase in your energy bills. The deterioration of your home's insulation system is usually due to natural wear and tear but they can also be as a result of animals and insects nesting in it and water damage.

If you think that your home's insulation may be faulty, these are some of the signs that you should look out for:


High Energy Costs

Has your heating and cooling costs increased significantly? This may be due to your attic insulation deteriorating. A poor insulation system causes energy to leak out of your home, making your home colder in winter and trapping heat in the summer. This leads to your energy systems working overtime to heat or cool your home.


Bug Infestation

Attic insulation provides the perfect space for bugs and small animals to crawl and nestle in. These creatures will prevent your insulation from regulating your home's temperatures and they may also seek to infest the rest of your home, creating an even bigger problem. Regular inspections will allow you to detect any infestation problems early before it gets out of control.


Moisture In The Attic

Moisture can collect in your attic as a result of hot air accumulating without being able to escape or water seeping in through cracks and holes in your roofing. Moisture in your attic can lead to bacteria and mold growing in your insulation, thus preventing it from doing its job accurately. This moisture can lead to significant health issues and impact the overall air quality of your home. This is a matter that needs to be tended to urgently.


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