Flat roofing has been around for aeons. They offer homeowners clean, uncomplicated designs and are a popular architectural choice for homes in dry, arid regions that receive no snow and minimal rain.

For years pitched roofing was a favourite because of its effective water and snow draining properties. Pitched roofs also allowed homeowners to decorate their roofing with ornamentation, adding a personal and unique flair to their homes. Famous examples of this can be seen in Renaissance architecture, where roofing designs were complex and highly decorated.

However, as a means to save on materials and labor costs and a shift in design and creative styles, we saw the adaptation of flat roofing systems in the early 20th century. Architects embraced cubist designs with increased functionality. People wanted things that worked and served a purpose more than they wanted something to simply look pretty.

Today flat roofing is experiencing another resurgence as more and more modern housing developments are adopting flat roofing systems. Flat roofs are a fantastic way to save on expensive roofing materials, and they provide just as many benefits as pitched roofing.

Architect Duo Dickinson mentions that today, “for much of the architecture profession, flat roofs are something of an aesthetic obligation.” In today’s day and age, homeowners and people, in general, prefer things that are a little more minimal and simplistic. The minimalism adds elegance and beauty to any home or building and fits in with the contemporary aesthetic.

Flat roofing is also used for more than just a roof. Some have opted to insert skylights to add a little more natural light into their homes. Others have decided to increase their living spaces by creating decks and lounging areas on their flat roofs. Some have also tried to make their roofing a little more environmentally friendly by embracing living roofs or installing solar panels.

Flat roofs are built using all sorts of materials, including EPDM, PVC, TPO, modified bitumen, BUR and metal. Depending on the material that you opt for, your flat roof can be a lot cheaper than installing a pitched roof. And maintaining your flat roof is a lot easier and more affordable.

To help your flat roof withstand any severe weather conditions such as harmful UV rays and significant hail and rainfall, it’s essential to cover your roof with a roof coating. Homeowners have the option of using silicone, acrylic, polyureas and much more to coat and protect their flat roofing.

It’s also vital that your flat roof is built at a slight slant for effective water drainage. One of the biggest issues with flat roofing is standing water. But if your roof is built by a professional roofing company like Dynasty Building Solution, you can rest assured that your flat roof will be in perfect working condition.

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