Roofing projects can be quite a costly affair. Installations, replacements, and repairs can dig quite a bit into your pocket. These prices can vary from one another depending on the materials you use and the roofing company you employ.

That’s why most people replace their roofing systems only once or twice in their lifetimes. Most roofing materials last about 20 to 50 years. However, you can manipulate your roofing system’s lifespan with a dedicated maintenance plan. Taking care of your roof is the best way to protect your home from the elements for longer.


Here is how you can extend the life of your roofing system:

Annual Inspections

Conducting annual inspections will allow you to know the true state of your home’s roofing system and how it holds up against your local climate.

An annual inspection will give you a clear indication of your home needing better protection during the winter or summer months or if there are any pests and rodents nesting in your roof.

Regular roofing inspections will also help you detect issues early before they turn into significant roofing hazards.


Trim Overhanging Trees

Overhanging trees are sure to drop any falling leaves and branches right onto your roof. These leaves will end up clogging your gutter system, and the falling branches can significantly damage your roofing system.

Overhanging trees can also increase the chances of pests and rodents making their way onto your roof and settling there.


Tend To Repairs Efficiently

Suppose you notice that you have a few shingles missing or some leaking in your roof. In that case, it’s essential to immediately address those issues as minor problems tend to turn into significant issues if they’re left for long enough.

Issues like leaking can severely damage your home’s roofing system as water tends to weaken and deteriorate your roofing materials.

If you notice moss and mildew growing on your roofing materials, it’s best to have it removed as soon as possible, as these organisms tend to eat away at your roofing materials as well.


Check Your Attic

Your attic will provide you with a clear picture of the state of your roof deck. If there are any leaks or damages on your roof deck, you would be able to see them on the inside of your attic.

Also, if there are any pests or rodents in your roof, you would be able to hear them in your attic. If you find that your home’s ventilation is a little off, you would most likely find the problem up in your attic.

For more tips and tricks on how to get your home’s roofing system to last longer, give Dynasty Building Solutions a call today!