Dear DBS Family,

It brings great joy to my heart to get reviews from our consumers about us being the Homeowner's Advocate.  When we are providing any of our consumers with a construct by-product, that is only 2% of the service we genuinely offer.  Each step of the way, we are guiding our homeowners, clients, and consumers throughout the entirety of the project.  We are communicating as the experts and informing them throughout the process, answering any questions they might have, and doing what is best for them.  These are our top priorities.

Having customers refer to us as their Trusted Advocator tells me that we pay attention to the actual needs of their individual projects, and again, it is never about price or the actual product.  It's about the level of care we provide along the way, as we guide them through - start to completion.

People do business with us because they like you, they trust you and they trust this company.  Everyone is striving to earn that trust, and you guys work day and night to show your level of care.   I appreciate all of what everyone does.  This has always been my goal for Dynasty, not only with employees but, most importantly, our community - "Creating A Better Future, One Nail At A Time."

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis

Dynasty Building Solutions is on Nextdoor Neighbor

If you've ever had an opportunity to check out your community's Nextdoor Neighbor social media page - via app or website - you know it's not only a great way to connect with your neighbors but also a GREAT resource for finding approved vendors for home projects.  Not only are your neighbors on Nextdoor giving their honest (for the most part) opinions, they are describing their first-hand experiences with these businesses.

Not sure if you've had the chance to utilize this handy tool yet, but if you have, you'll know that the sought-after commodity on Nextdoor, as far as businesses are concerned, is the coveted Recommendation.  When someone likes you, they recommend you.  Obviously, we want as many recommendations as we can get.  Once that happens, we're in the running to become a Neighborhood Favorite which is sort of like a recognized seal of approval on Nextdoor. 

Dynasty is currently a Neighborhood Favorite in Dover, FL, labeled as The Best Home & Garden business!

Some of you have already been active on Nextdoor, posting information about our services.  Thank you for your participation!  If you have not signed onto Nextdoor, I highly "recommend" you do.  You will discover the most interesting things about your neighborhood and neighbors (trust me) but you will also get a chance to put in a good word about Dynasty.  If you live in one of our service areas and are on Nextdoor, please keep an eye out for neighbors requesting a service we provide and send them a recommendation.  This is how we can become The Best Home & Garden business in all 4 of our service areas.  Now you know!!!

SET YOUR DVRs!!!  Dynasty Building Solutions will be featured on the WFLA (News Channel 8) mid-morning program, Daytime, on Wednesday, November 17th at 10 am with Dynasty CEO & Founder, Victor Lupis, detailing the before and after of a beautiful new specialty roof install at Ivy Lake Estates in Odessa.

The DBS segment will air at the start and end of the 10 am program, focusing on Victor and homeowner, Jenn Bishof, as they are interviewed by host Maggie Rodriguez.  

What makes DBS distinct and different from other roofers and contractors, along with the types of services we provide, what consumers should look for when hiring a roofer and the current hot product on the market will be articulated by industry professional, Victor Lupis.  This will be followed by an interview with homeowner, Jenn Bishof, explaining why she chose DBS and the specialty roof she selected, the Mediterranean-inspired, Antica roof by Tilcor.  With the look of Spanish Tile and the strength and durability of stone coated steel, this Tilcor roof gets the treatment it deserves as Jenn and Victor prepare the audience for a unique roof reveal guaranteed to incite consumer interest.

(Judging by the number of people who have already remarked on the beauty of the Bishof's new roof, including one contractor who stopped while driving by, as we were filming, to tell us how much he liked it, the audience reaction should be as anticipated.)

Daytime closes the show with the "after" portion of the DBS segment, showing off the Bishof's stunning new roof and getting Victor's expert descriptive walk-through of what it took to install this specialty roof,  a rundown of the average roof install process, and a list of the types of roofs DBS specializes in.  Jenn Bishof ends the segment by regaling her experience from the homeowner's perspective, including the first time she saw the fully finished product.

With the "before" segment already completed, previewed, and highly approved (by us) we can't wait to see the "after" portion, along with the entire interview, on Wednesday, November 17th at 10 am. 

Don't miss it!!!


Tis the Season for Gratitude & Giving


Dynasty Building Solutions wants to give thanks to our wonderful customers by giving a $250 Dynasty Bucks discount on any roofing replacement installed in the Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, and Holiday metros.  (Insurance claims coverage excluded.)

To qualify, just drop off or mail in an item of food or a children's toy to any of the following  Dynasty Building Solutions locations before December 12, 2021.  Donations will benefit the Idlewild Baptist Church Holiday Food and Toy Drives.