As a homeowner, you want to know all there is to know about how to keep your home in best shape possible. From the foundation, to the water lines, to the roof, having a general understanding of what to do when your house requires maintenance can save you and the longevity of your home. 

An area of your home that would benefit from additional time and attention is your roof. Weather can greatly affect the integrity of your home, more specifically your home's roof. Storms have a lot of variables that will cause wear and tear on roofs, wind damage is one of the most common. Follow these tips below to help you identify when your roof needs to receive some TLC before you are forced to purchase a new roof entirely. 

Identifying Wind Damage to Your Roof

When assessing overall damage to your roof there are some tell-tell signs to look for. Depending on how long ago your roof was installed, replaced, or serviced will determine how many of these areas will need work. 

  • Loose or Missing Shingles 
  • Chimney Damage 
  • Curling/Peeling Shingles
  • Granule Loss 
  • Indoor Leaks

These signs are usually harder to catch and take more of your effort to become aware of. Many times home owners will only notice the damage that occurs after high-storm winds cause tree branches and other forms of debris to fall on-top, creating evident and more serious damage. Regular self-checks or checks made by our contractors at Dynasty Building Solutions can minimize or eliminate more of these aggressive types of situations.

Loose or Missing Shingles 

If your roof has loose or missing shingles. This is a good indicator that your roof has wind damage. These shingles may sit wrong on your roof, fallen and caught in gutters, loose in your yard, or missing completely. Loose or missing shingles are important to replace as soon as possible. When roof shingles are not properly set, this allows a storm to create more damage to your roof, leaking to take place inside your home, and even cause your energy bill to increase due to the lack of insulation. 

Damage to Your Chimney 

If the formation of your chimney seems off, this can be a strong sign of wind damage. Other signs of damage to your chimney would be a missing chimney cap, cracked bricks, or loose flashing (the flaps that form around the base of your chimney).

Granule Loss

Granule loss shows that your roof has been affected by storm and wind damage when the texture on the shingles has become worn down. The rough grainy texture will in turn appear more smooth. 

Indoor Leaks

Indoor leaks can be a key indicator that your roof has encountered quite a bit of wind damage. If you are experiencing an indoor leak from your roof, it may be in your best interest to contact one of our Dynasty Building Solution representatives for advice on roof replacement or maintenance.

Signs of Wind and Storm Damage

The signs you have just learned to look for will ensures a better chance of any roofing damage is caught before it is too late. Other signs to be on the look out for are leaks, rotting, any discoloration or warping to your ceiling, and cracks.

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