The roof of your home is probably the most important part of your home. It protects you and the interior of your home from the outer elements, keeping you and your family safe during severe weather. It is also the first thing that people tend to notice when they look at your home. So, on top of being a layer of protection, a good roof can also give your home amazing curb appeal.

There are a few things that determine how effective a roof will work. The slope determines how well your roof sheds water from rain and snow, and the materials used will determine how durable your roof is while also determining the look of your home. When you find yourself in need of a roof replacement, it is best to converse with your roofing company to find the best combination to get the most overall out of your roof. 

We are going to be taking a look at the most common styles of roofs that you will find on residential homes and the materials that go into making them so effective. Just because you like the style that one material brings does not mean that it is the right fit for that particular roofing style. Discuss all options with your roofing contractor and they will help you find the perfect blend between functionality and beauty for your home.

Gable Roof

This roof style is probably the most common roof style available. When someone asks you to visualize a standard roof, this is the style you are immediately going to think of. Two flat sides that slant down the top of the house and meet at one peak at the top of the roof. This style works on a wide variety of house styles, which is why it is the more common choice. 

Clipped Gable Nose

This is a similar design to the gable roof, but with a small change. It is slanted and meets at the peak of the roof creating the peak. The difference is that at the front and back have a small indent that forms a sort of triangle when the ends are flattened out a bit. So instead of the two roof slants just meeting at the top the front and back are folded down. This helps create a unique roofing option while at the same offering you a way to show off the style of the materials. Another common name for this style is the bullnose.

Dutch Gable Roof

This style is a combination of two other styles of roofs, the gable, and hip roofs. The gable roof style sits on top of the hip hoof creating extra attic space for the homeowner. The extra space on the side of the house for the attic is usually used to add windows to add extra light in the attic, while also adding some added curb appeal. 

Gambrel Roof

If you have ever seen a big red barn out in the country, then you know this roof style. Each side has a slat that has a steep slope and the other is a gentler slope. If you are considering this roof style be aware that the steeper slopes are extremely visible, and you should consider the materials and style when making your decisions. Another common thing that you see on these roofs is windows on the steeper of sides. This adds not only more natural light to the upper level of your home, but also a unique look as well.

Hip Roof

This style of roof is traditionally four equal slanted sides that meet in the middle forming a sort of peak over your home. Quite often people will use two smaller sides with eaves, this is known as a half-hip style. Again, most of this style of the room is going to make it highly visible to any onlookers. So, you need to discuss with your roofing contractor what style and design would be best for you.

Mansard Roof

This style originated with French Architecture, most notably in the Louvre Museum in Paris. This style quickly became popular here in the United States and offers a homeowner with a unique style that will look wonderful. This style allows a homeowner to have full use of the upper story and adds an abundance of attic space. It is a four-sided design that has double slopes, with the lower slopes being incredibly steep. Depending on the homeowner’s design can be flat or curved.

Shed Roof

This design is super basic and is referred to as a shed design because it looks like the roof you would see on a stereotypical shed. It is one flat slanted roof that is usually seen on more ultra-modern designed houses. It slopes down from the top of the house to the bottom allowing for proper water run-off. 

Flat Roof

This is exactly what it sounds like a flat design. It isn’t actually flat, it does need a bit of a slope so that it is possible for water to drain off one side. This style is typically seen in a more commercial or business setting, like a grocery store. Flat-style roofs are susceptible to leaks so choosing the right material should be a priority over how it looks.

Materials and Design

This is a conversation that is best had with your roofing contractor, for example, Dynasty Building Solutions. They will help you select the best material that will fit your roof and your style. If you are looking for style ideas, it wouldn’t hurt to take a walk around your neighborhood to get some ideas. If you happen to live in a neighborhood that has an HOA then that may limit your selections, you should look into what is acceptable or not and submit any ideas you have to avoid any repercussions.

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