Florida Roof Damage

Knowing how to properly maintain your home's roofing system is an important part of being a property owner. A roof is the first line of defense against the weather elements, so it should provide adequate protection.

When maintaining the safety of your roof, you should know what signs of damage to look for and identify. This article will cover the most common types of damage and why you should hire a professional roofer. 

Wind Damage

High-speed winds are often a cause of roofing damage nationwide. The winds can cause debris to impact your property and damage the shingles on your roofing system.

When there is a severe weather event, you should assess the condition of your roof once it's over. If you spot any shingles or tree branches in the surrounding area, this may be a sign to contact a roofer. 

Roof Leaks and Water Damage

Water is a destructive force that can cause mold growth, structural damage, and water pooling in your home. When your roof has a water leak, you should work to repair it as soon as possible.

The longer a roof leak remains on your property, the more damage is inflicted on the structures. An emergency roofing provider can visit your property 24/7 to locate and resolve the leak. 

Damaged Flashing 

Flashing is a crucial feature that protects the area around skylights, chimneys, and roof vents. When the flashing is damaged, it leaves an opening for water and pests to enter.

If you notice water leaking from the flashing, you should consult with a professional roofer. A roofer will remove the damaged flashing and replace it with a quality option. 

The Importance of Working With Experienced Roofers

When safety is a priority, you should always work with a trusted roofing company. A roofer with a strong reputation will help to keep your roofing system in proper condition.

While looking for a dependable roofing company, you should check for the following characteristics:

  • High Rating on Better Business Bureau
  • Offers Free Service Estimates
  • Roofing Workmanship Backed by Warranty

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